Aleksander Altyntsev

Scientific Adviser on Radio Astrophysics: Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SD RAS, 2017 to Present. Deputy Director: Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SD RAS, 2007 to 2017. Head of Department : Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SD RAS, 1999 to 2007. Scientific worker: Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SD RAS, 1973 to 1999

ResearcherID: S-7430-2016

ORCID: 0000-0002-1589-556X



Research Interests

Plasma Physics, Solar Radio physics, Solar Flares


Dr.Sc. in Physics, 1991 – Institute of Nuclear Physics SD RAS. Dissertation: Reconnection Processes and Energy Release in the Turbulent Current Sheets. 

PhD in Plasma Physics, 1977 – Lebedev Physical Institute. Dissertation: Experiments on the study of dissipative processes in rarefied plasma

Post-Graduate School in Plasma Physics, 1973 – Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SD RAS.

University Education in Physics, 1969 – Novosibirsk State University, Russia.



Altyntsev A.T, Banin V.G.,  Kuklin G.V.,  Tomozov V.M. “Solar Flares”,  Moscow, Nauka, 1982, 246 p.  (in Russian)

Altyntsev A.T, Kashapova L.K. “Introduction in Solar Radio Astronomy”, Irkutsk State University, 2014, 203 P. (in Russian)


Altyntsev A.T., Meshalkina N.S., Lysenko A.L., Fleishman G.D. Rapid Variability in the SOL2011-08-04 Flare: Implications for Electron Acceleration, 2019, ApJ, 883, 38

Altyntsev A.A., Fleishman G.D., Lesovoi S.V., Meshalkina N.S. Thermal to Nonthermal Energy Partition at the Early Rise Phase of Solar Flares, 2012, ApJ,  758, 138

Altyntsev, A. T.; Fleishman, G. D.; Huang, G. -L.; Melnikov, V. F. A Broadband Microwave Burst Produced by Electron Beams, 2008, ApJ, 677, 1367-1377

Altyntsev, A. T.; Kuznetsov, A. A.; Meshalkina, N. S.; Rudenko, G. V.;  Yan, Yihua On the origin of microwave zebra pattern, 2005, A&A, 431, 1037-1046

Altyntsev, A. T.; Grechnev, V. V.; Konovalov, S. K.; Lesovoi, S. V.; Lisysian, E. G.;  Treskov, T. A.; Rosenraukh, Yu. M.; Magun, A. On the Apparent Size of Solar Microwave Spike Sources, 1996, ApJ, 469, 976

Teaching Experience

Professor in Solar Physics, Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SD RAS, 2007

Memberships / Affiliations

International Astronomical Union