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Guidelines for authors for publication in Acta Astrophysica Taurica

The Journal is published  in English.

Papers should be made in LATEX2E with article class file aat.cls (with options) and with bibliography style file aat.bst for authors wishing to use BibTeX.

A new manuscript should be submitted by author through the electronic system in the following order: first, you need to upload the original file of the article in PDF format and enter the submission's metadata. Keywords are limited to 3-5 words or short phrases that will allow proper and convenient indexing. Then, if the submission has passed the review stage successfully, you should upload a zip archive containing:

  • A file of the manuscript text. Acceptable format LaTeX.
  • An EPS file for each figure. Figure files should be named Figx.eps where x is the figure number.

If you experience problems submitting your manuscript, please click on the Help link at the top of the site.

The total volume of the manuscript must not exceed 10 pages. Guidelines for authors and a simple template paper are available at the links below.