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Valerii Kotov


The magnetic field measurements of the Sun as a star initiated by academician A.B. Severny have been supported  by six other observatories. The history of such investigations at CrAO and the basic results are briefly described. The synodic spin period of the gravitating solar mass P= 27.027(6) days is determined; the latter is shown to be linked to the Earth’s motion: the Sun makes 27 semi-revolutions over one terrestrial year, and the Earth – the same number of its revolutions with the period PD during one full solar rotation. The field changes with the Hale cycle PH 22 years and the cycle P7 = 7 years, whereas their ratio coincides with the Archimedes approximation, 22:7, for the π number, the timescale (π - 3)P7 = P2/2PD – with the Earth’s orbital period. We provide arguments in favour of the cosmic origin of both cycles and holographic expressions, including PH, P7, π, and universal constants.


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Kotov V., 2020. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vol. 1, nos. 2, pp. 6–12. DOI: 10.31059/aat.vol1.iss2.pp6-12


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