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Yu.N. Parijskij
A.V. Temirova
N.N. Bursov
T.A. Semenova
A.A. Kudryashova


A deep RATAN Zenith Field (RZF) survey at wavelength λ = 7.6 cm in the region 0h ≤ R.A. ≤ 24h, 40.5° ≤ DEC ≤ 42.5° was carried out with the RATAN-600 radio telescope. Within ±2′ of the center of the survey region, 448 objects were detected, with 73 of them being with ultra-steep spectra (USS), which are the main indicator for finding possible candidates for distant galaxies. Optical identifications for 31 of USS objects using the SDSS (DR7, DR12) surveys have been used. It turned out that 23 objects are galaxies, and 8 are star-forming objects. Photometric redshifts and radio luminosities at 3.9 and 1.4 GHz are determined for 31 objects with spectral indices α < -1.1, Sν ∝ να for which magnitudes in various filters are presented in the SDSS survey. In the sample of USS objects (23 galaxies and 8 star-forming sources), 15 galaxies have redshifts zph < 0.5, and 8 of them have relatively high radio luminosities L1.4 > 1026 W/HZ of type FR II. Seven galaxies at zph > 0.5 are also of type FR II. Six sources are of intermediate type FR I–FR II. Only two radio galaxies at zph < 0.5 proved to be a rare nearby galaxy with relatively low radio luminosity L1.4 < 1025 W/HZ (type FR I). These radio sources are either located in the dense intergalactic media of rich clusters of galaxies or confined within their host galaxies. Nearly all these sources can be observed with the SAO 6-m telescope. Galaxies with L1.4 ≥ 1026 W/HZ (FR II) have mr magnitudes in the range 18 ≤ mr ≤ 23.


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Parijskij Y., Temirova A., Bursov N., et al., 2023. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vols. 4, no. 1, pp. 1–7. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol4.iss1.pp1-7
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