A search for activity cycles in the selected F, G, and K dwarfs based on long-term wide-field photometric observations

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A.A. Shlyapnikov
N.I. Bondar’
M.A. Gorbunov


The possibilities of using data from the KWS project of ground-based panoramic observations to search for activity cycles in bright F – K dwarfs are considered. The methods and results of processing observational material are given, and the formation of an interactive database is described.


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Shlyapnikov A., Bondar’ N., Gorbunov M., 2022. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 46-49. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol3.iss2.pp46-49
Magnetism and activity of the Sun and stars – 2021 Conference proceedings