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Yurii T. Tsap
Yuliya Kopylova
Ol'ga Korol'kova
Miroslav Barta


A critical analysis of mechanisms of the regular acceleration of electrons in solar flares is carried out. The corresponding models are shown to face difficulties associated with the transverse direction of the induced electric field with respect to the magnetic one, plasma magnetization, and small efficiency. It is concluded in favor of an important role of longitudinal electrostatic electric fields in the acceleration of electrons.


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Tsap Y.T., Kopylova Y., Korol'kova O., Barta M., 2022. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vols. 3, nos. 3, pp. 1–3. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol3.iss3.pp1-3
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