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Ilya Alekseev
Alla Kozhevnikova


The paper considers the spottedness models for 54 stars with solar-type activity at different evolutionary stages (stars of different spectral types and luminosity classes). We note the dependence of starspot temperatures on the temperature of the undisturbed photosphere for stars at each stage of evolution (young post T Tau stars, dwarf stars on MS, and evolved giants). A weak dependence of starspot temperatures on the evolutionary stage of stars is shown. The general analytical expression for estimating starspot temperatures by the temperatures of undisturbed photospheres is obtained.


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Alekseev I., Kozhevnikova A., 2024. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vols. 5, no. 1, pp. 5–7. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol5.iss1.pp5-7
Magnetism and Activity of the Sun and Stars - 2022 Conference proceedings


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