Valery M. Nakariakov

Education/Qualifications: 2007 DSc (Doctor of Science, higher doctorate, analogue of Habilitation), University of Warwick, UK. 1993 PhD (kandidat fiziko-matematicheskih nauk degree) in Plasma Physics, Applied Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, N. Novgorod, Russia. 1989 State Diploma in Radiophysics, School of Radiophysics, Lobachevsky’s State University of Gorky, Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod from 1990), Russia.

ORCID: 0000-0001-6423-8286


Academic Appointments, Prizes and Fellowships held:

2007 – present

Full Professor; Department of Physics, University of Warwick, UK.

2016 – present

Leading Scientist, Special Astronomical Observatory, Russia.


International Scholar, Kyung Hee University, S Korea.


Institute of Physics Payne-Gaposchkin Medal and Prize.


ERC Advanced Investigator, University of Warwick, UK.


Leading Scientist, Main Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo, Russia.


JSPS Invitation Fellowship for Research, University of Kyoto, Japan.


Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship.


Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader; Department of Physics, University of Warwick, UK.


Postdoctoral research fellow; School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, University of St Andrews, UK.


Assistant professor, Associated professor (Docent) of Applied Mathematics; Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, N. Novgorod, Russia.


Memberships and Committees:

  • Council member of the European Physical Society (2012-2015).
  • President of the Solar Physics Division of the European Physical Society (2011-2014).
  • Chair of the UK Solar Physics Board (2010-2013).
  • Rolling grant specialist, STFC Astronomy Grant Panel (2008-2010).
  • Councillor of the Royal Astronomical Society (2007-2009).
  • Member of the Royal Astronomical Society International Committee.
  • Member of the Royal Society Conference and Short Visit grant panel (2005-2008).
  • Elected member of the International Astronomical Union.
  • Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Research Interests and activities:

Plasma astrophysics and space physics. Waves and oscillations in the solar corona: observations and theory. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) seismology of the solar corona. Mechanisms for solar coronal heating. Solar and stellar flares. Space weather. Nonlinear wave theory. Current activities include:

  • PI of the STFC project “Oscillatory Processes in Coronal Mass Ejections” (2017-2020).
  • PI of the British Council Institutional Links project “Seismology of Solar Coronal Active Regions”, collaboration with the Space Research Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia (2017-2019).
  • International Coordinator of the BRICS Multilateral Research and Development Project “Superflares on stars and the Sun (2017-2019).
  • Associate Investigator of the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (NASA). Science team member of the ESA Solar Orbiter, HiRISE and SPARK space missions, Co-I of Proba-3/ASPIICS. Co-Founder of the Solar-Heliospheric Working Group of SKA. Member of the International Consortium for the Continued Operation of the Nobeyama RadioHeliograph.
  • Permanent author of “Coronal waves and oscillations” issue of Living Reviews of Solar Physics.

Publications and Conferences:

Monograph: “Coronal Seismology: Waves and Oscillations in Stellar Coronae” by A.V. Stepanov, V.V. Zaitsev and V.M. Nakariakov, Wiley-VCH, 2012, ISBN: 978-3527409945

About 270 research papers in refereed scientific journals, cited about 8000 times with the h-index of 50 (according to WoS).

More than 40 invited reviews at international conferences (including IUGG 2003, 2007, COSPAR 2006, AGU 2007, EGU 2007, AOGS General Assemblies 2010, 2017, 2019, COSPAR 2012, IAGA 2013, APSPM 2013, ICPP 2016, URSI 2016, EPSPP 2018, NAM 2019); and SOC membership at international scientific conferences (including European Solar Physics meetings 2008, 2011, 2014 (SOC Chair), 2017; EPS Conference of Plasma Physics 2009; JENAM 2009, 2011; AGU Chapman 2014; RadioSun 2014, 2015, 2016; VarSITI 2017).

Management and Supervision:

  • Leading the solar physics research team of the Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics of the University of Warwick. This includes staff management (presently: senior research fellow, three post-doctoral research fellows, two PhD students and international visitors), research grant applications, budget management, staff development and supervision, management of several research projects (funded by EU Horizon-2020, FP-7, STFC, British Council and the Royal Society), liaisons with research councils and media.
  • In 2012-2016 led the FP-7 Marie Curie IRSES network “Radiophysics of the Sun” with 7 participating institutions from China, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and UK.
  • Supervised 15 successful PhD projects (Dr FC Cooper, Dr DB King, Dr A Kelly, Dr NP Young, Dr DJ Pascoe, Dr B Simon, Dr AR Inglis, Dr S Vasheghani Farahani, Dr N D Y Chorley, Dr D Yuan, Dr L Selzer, Dr C Hornsey, Dr DY Kolotkov, Dr CR Goddard, Dr C Pugh).

Journal Editorship:

  • Chief Guest Editor of the Special Issue “Advanced Concepts in Solar-Terrestrial Coupling in the Context of Space Weather” of the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics (2019).
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue “Waves in the Corona” of Solar Physics (21 papers, 2016).
  • Editor of AGU MonographLow-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas” ISBN: 978-1-119-05495-5.
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue “Advances in Solar Physics” of Advances in Space Research (14 papers, 2015).
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue “Radiophysics of the Sun” of Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics (3 review papers, 4 contributed papers”, 2014).
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue “Advances of European Solar Physics” of Solar Physics (vol. 280, issue 2, 2012, 19 papers, 254 pages; vol. 284, issue 2, 2013, 20 papers, 317 pages).
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue “MHD Coronal Seismology” of Space Science Reviews (vol. 149, 2009: 14 review papers, 388 pages).
  • Editorial Board member of the Advances in Astronomy

Invited lecturing since 2014:

Lecture courses on Solar Physics at Harbin Institute of Technology in Shenzhen (China, 12 2-hour lectures, 2019), Higher School of Economics (Russia, 10 lectures, 2017), Kyung Hee University (Korea, 8 lectures, 2015), Monash University (Australia, 4 lectures, 2014), 4 lectures at the School on Modern Astronomy (St Petersburg, Russia, 2014); invited lecturing at several Advanced and Introductory PPARC/STFC Summer Schools on Space and Solar Physics, UK (2000-2017).