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Valery Kotov


Over the past 55 years, the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, the Wilcox Solar Observatory, and five other observatories of the world registered the mean magnetic field of the Sun observed as a star (in all, about 29 thousand daily values of the longitudinal field strength of the visible solar hemisphere were acquired from 1968 through 2022). This field varies with two periods: 21.5(7) years, corresponding to the Hale cycle PH = 22.14(8) years; and a period of 7.08(10) years, which is about three times shorter than PH (the precise ratio, 3.13(5), reminds of the Archimedes approximation, 22:7, of the π number). A special analysis of the solar polar fields (Stanford data for 1976-2022) proves the reality of the magnetic 7-year cycle of the Sun, whose nature is unknown


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Kotov V., 2023. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vols. 4, nos. 3, pp. 16–20. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol4.iss3.pp16-20
To the 80th anniversary of V.A. Kotov


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