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Timur Mufakharov
Yulia Sotnikova
Kseniia Iuzhanina


The RATAN-600 multi-frequency catalog of blazars (BLcat), which combines radio data for more than 1800 blazars selected from the Roma-BZCAT catalog, is available in the interactive form on the SAO RAS home page. The blazars were observed with the RATAN-600 telescope in 2005–2023 quasi-simultaneously at four to six frequencies in the range 1.2–22.3 GHz. We present the radio variability properties of different subclasses of blazars presented in BLcat based on the RATAN-600 long-term measurements. Our results support previous studies of blazar radio variability showing that the variability index tends to increase with frequency and that the BL Lacs subclass is more variable than others. We show an impact of the monitoring cadence on the variability estimates. The use of time series with longer monitoring periods, more regular observations, and more data points is crucial to detect blazar activity and obtain its characteristics.


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Mufakharov T., Sotnikova Y., Iuzhanina K., 2023. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vols. 4, nos. 4, pp. 5–8. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol4.iss4.pp5-8
Modern Instruments and Methods in Astronomy Conference Proceedings


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