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Aleksandr Kutsenko
Shangbin Yang
Valentina Abramenko
Dmitry Semyonov


In this paper, we describe high-cadence and high-spatial-resolution observations of the Sun acquired by the A.B. Severny Solar Tower Telescope (STT-1) in October and November, 2021. The spatial resolution of ground-based optical telescopes is usually limited by seeing. However, the spatial resolution can be improved significantly by a postprocessing of hundreds of short-exposure images of the object. In order to get the data required for the post-processing, the telescope was equipped with a camera and a high-speed detector. The detector was able to take up to tens of frames per second, which is necessary for speckle-reconstruction of the solar surface images. A thorough visual analysis of the reconstructed images as well as their comparison with the data provided by SDO/HMI yielded very promising results. Individual granules as well as penumbral fibrils are clearly seen in the images. High-spatial-resolution observations by STT-1 provide new opportunities for the studies of the Sun.


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Kutsenko A., Yang S., Abramenko V., Semyonov D., 2022. Acta Astrophysica Taurica, vols. 3, nos. 3, pp. 8–11. DOI: 10.34898/aat.vol3.iss3.pp8-11
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